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You are not alone ! 


People from more than 40 countries are currently working, permanently or temporarily, at GE in Buc. The CGT believes that we should all be treated the same way by the general Management, no matter where we come from, gender or religion. However, you may be uncertain what your rights are in France and if your rights are respected. The CGT is committed to solidarity and that is why we offer to help you, if you feel it is necessary, during your stay in France.



Being members of the CGT (Confédération Générale du Travail / General Federation of Work), our purpose is to fight against the social injustices, protect and expand our economic- and moral rights. Our first step is to preserve and maintain those rights we have obtained through tough fights in the past. “Your” rights are “our” rights and, consequently, we always stand by your side. Please, use this service if you wish to ask us questions or expose your problem.



Our union


Our Union, the General Federation of Work (CGT),France's most popular federation, celebrated its 100th anniversary in 1995. It sees its role as promoting the ideals of liberty, equality, justice, the separation of church and state, fraternity and solidarity.


The CGT fights to translate these ideals into both individual and collective guaranties including the right to establish organizations, right to work, social protection, and ability to live with dignity at work, in the family and in society. 


We also fight for freedom of opinion and expression and of union action, the freedom to strike and to have a say over social and economic life within the place of employment as well as in society at large.



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